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Caminando, Shoes with Sole

The act of walking just got Pimp’d, Westwood style. Caminando which literally means ‘walk back’ in Spanish. Their current collection is incomparable to any other style of shoe. It’s a mix of old english craftsmanship with heavy Japanese influences and references to industrial footwear. Photos above of beige suede derby shoe with sawtooth tan rubber … Continue reading

Hektor The Robot Meets Dexter Sinister

With interactive design on the rise, Jürg Lehni has developed a robot called ‘Hektor’ that translates paths from Adobe Illustrator into marks using a spray can. This creates flawless geometric shapes that would be very difficult to comprehend by hand. Agreeably, the processing and programming of this machine has a certain novelty to it as … Continue reading

Harmony Korine vs Die Antwoord

Harmony Karoine is probably one of the most fucked up directors in American indie cinema, he first came to my subconcious with a HIV nightmare film called ‘Kids.’ Karoine’s latest project ‘Umshini Wam’ features Ninja and Yo Landi from South Africian rape-rave group ‘Die Antwoord’ as two wheelchair bound gangsters. Be sure to check out … Continue reading

Stanley Kubrick A Contemporary Icon

  Stanley Kubrick is a man that needs no introduction. It is easy to get bogged down with the clichés that surround him, his work & the references that are constantly being made both in the film industry & within popular culture. That being said, 2001: A Space Odyssey is in my opinion is so … Continue reading